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My Passat W8

In 2003 I became the second owner of the 2002 VW W8 that is the subject of this page. I loved the ride and effortless power and it quickly became my daily driver. Holiday trips around the American West and occasional visits to my clients has given us the opportunity to explore the limits of the power train and chassis and we love it. It hasn't been completely trouble-free but it has been less troublesome than some of the cars you read about elsewhere on the Web. Dealers have taken care of the more involved repairs but in recent years I have taken care of the maintenance. In this page you will find posts about some of that as well as other information I continue to gather about the car.

May 2012 - Celebrating 10 years and 155,000 miles with an 1,800 mile road trip to Yellowstone National Park.

Posts About My W8

Marketing Materials

Back in the day when I purchased the car, the dealer gifted me a set of the marketing materials and brochure that were distributed to dealers to market the car.

VW Passat W8 Marketing Materials
VW Passat W8 Sales Brochure

Other Posts About the W8

Engines - Volkswagen W8
Video - Electroshock Therapy for the Passat W8
Video - An exploded view of the W8 engine (animation)

Posts From Elsewhere Around the Web

Photo Essay of a ZF HP19 FLA Disassembled from

Interesting Reading

Slowly but surely I have come across a number of documents that can help us understand the complexities of this car.

Self-study Program 261 - The Passat W8
Self-study Program 248 - The W Engine Concept
Self-study Program 249 - Engine Management of the W8 Engine in the Passat
Self-study Program 246 - Variable Valve Timing
Self-study Program 257 - Electric Vacuum for Brakes
Self-study Program 210 - Electronic Power Control
Self-study Program 222 - Electronic Mapped Cooling
VW Oil Chart
Road & Track Road Test Results

May 2007 - Celerating 5 years of troublefree ownership with a road trip to Crater Lake National Park.