August 10, 2010

My Garage - Changing the Spark Plugs on the Passat W8

The Passat W8 started to misfire badly yesterday. I was a bit worried but I decided to start with the spark plugs. At 57K miles since the last change, they are a bit overdue (these should be changed every 40K miles). I have always have the dealer do it but I decided to do them myself this time. The process is actually pretty simple. You can find a well illustrated write-up @ the Passat World Forums. However, here are a few pictures of my car for comparison:

The upper manifold extensions need to come out.

I removed the EGR valve to clean the manifold.

With both out of the way, you can access the coil packs.

The extensions were a bit oily but these cleaned well.

The gasket appears to be re-usable.

I looked around town but couldn't find them so back to the dealer. At around $16 each, Auburn VW was pretty abusive on the price of the plugs.

Here are the plugs

A bit worn with 57K miles on them.

The good news is that the misfire is gone and our daily driver is back on the road!


  1. was considering snagging one of these but am concerned about parts. I wonder what coil packs you use.. I just swapped out mine on my B6 A4 1.8t w/ the Hitachis from ECS tuning love them.
    thanks for the post

  2. My W8 is running on VW OEM coil packs as the dealer has replaced them a couple of times due to an existing recall. The replacement was a precautionary step as none of my coil pack have ever failed in service. There are certain aspects of the W8 that scare many people. Failure of the VVT solenoids being the the most prominent. It can be an outrageously expensive job. Both the water-cooled alternator as well as the electronicaly controlled thermostat are accesible without removing the engine but part prices are prohibitive. Outside of the unusual powerplant is all regular Passat B5.5. With a bit more power... :-)