February 18, 2012

Puerto Rico Loves the Suzuki Samurai

Puertorricans have a love affair with the Suzuki Samurai. Head out of San Juan and into the island's interior and you won't drive a mile without passing one on the road. From close to stock to all out modified, convertibles or hardtops, SJ410s almost exclusively. These mid-80's versatile 4X4s have a 1.3 liter, 63 hp (47 kW), 4-cylinder engine to keep it going. Small, nimble and economical, they are perfectly suited for the tortuous, narrow and maintenance-challenged roads of the island's interior. However, that low entry point into the world of offroading brings a sad footnote in the form of unethical, uncontrolled use of these vehicles along already stressed river systems causing sedimentation and erosion. By all mans, enjoy your 4X4 but please drive responsibly!


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