August 9, 2011

My Garage - Passat W8 Cabin Air Filter Replacement

The rejuvenation of my W8 continues... Today I got a new cabin air filter (part no.: 1H0-819-644-B) something that was way overdue!

The lowest price I have ever paid for an OEM cabin filter. What is really interesting about this is how the cost of this filter has varied at the same VW dealer during the life of the car.


With the plastic cover of the firewall area removed, the filter is clearly visible on the passenger-side. Removing the plastic clip allows quick removal of the filter.

Then is just a matter of pulling the filter element out.

That is 3 years and 40,000 miles of grime.

Arrows indicate air flow direction.

Good as new!

Here is a short video of the process:

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