August 13, 2011

My Garage - Passat W8 AFE Pro-Dry S Filter

Got my AFE Pro-Dry S today. I went with a dry drop-in filter as it seems like a good compromise between the stock paper filter simplicity and something that promises improved airflow with reduced risk for the MAF within the stock housing configuration. We will see how it goes...

First step is to remove the three screws securing the air duct.

Next the air duct is pulled from the air filter housing.

The clamp securing the MAF side of the housing needs to be moved back a little so that the upper part of the housing can be removed.

Next the four clips securing the top of the filter housing need to be removed. That is if you have been able to get the one in the back properly secured in previous services. I always have problems getting to that one :-)

This is a good opportunity to remove and clean the screen.

 I have run without this screen for years as it has a tendency to get clogged in the summer months. I think this should be cleaned often. I am putting it back this service cycle to see if it can keep the Pro-Dry S from getting clogged with coarse stuff as the filter I just removed was really clogged with insects and leaves. Never mind the amount of sand that accumulated from last Winter. I found out that pulling the plastic air duct and sticking the vacuum cleaner hose down the hole once a month can keep it clean. A brushing with soap every oil change can keep it in good shape.
It is interesting to note that most of the space on the upper part of the filter housing is there to provide space for a velocity stack. Part of the purpose is to provide the MAF with more laminar (less turbulent) airflow.

I was surprised to see that the Pro-Dry S is significantly thinner than the paper filter I just removed.

With everything cleaned up a bit, I installed the new filter and buttoned things up.

Good to go!

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