July 30, 2011

My Garage - Passat W8 Rear Subframe and Exhaust Detailing

The detailing fest continued today... I removed the rear bumper to remove nine years of leaves and gunk that accumulated between the bumper cover and it's upper plastic support.

The rear of the uni-body was a bit dusty but it still looks like new!

Here is a good view of the plastic parts that support the bumper cover.

Found a couple of rusty spots on the bumper bar. Some sanding accompanied by a couple of coats of Rust-oleum Automotive Enamel and it looks like new again.

A pretty massive dose of degreaser took care of the subframe, fuel tanks and rear differential. A lot of metal polish and patience took care of the exhaust.

More degreaser and a large brush took care of the floorpan.

With the bumper cover back in place, things are looking pretty good.


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