December 6, 2011

Bburago Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR - Part 2

The chassis and interior on the Bburago kit I purchased the other day is now ready to go! So far it has been pretty easy to put it together and that is a good thing as the instructions included with this kit leave a lot to be desired. Getting the engine bay to come together took some work. I enlarged many of the holes to get things to snap in properly. Enlarging the hole that allows the steering column to connect to the front axle also helped at assembly time. Getting the ignition wires in place was probably the most painful part of engine assembly.

UPDATE 12/8/11 - The model is now finished. Photos on a separate post...

The blue plastic that makes up the chassis may look great on the car's interior and may be OK in the trunk but I think the bits showing around the engine bay look more authentic in Black.

A couple of useful photos found around the Web provided a decent reference to help me add some additional detail to the engine bay..

Although the seats looks authentic I have to say that using a decal to achieve the effect was not Bburago's best idea. The real-life counterparts (below) are not much better. The steering wheel  and gear lever are spot on.

 Intruments are pretty close to the real thing!

With the chassis finished, it is time to finish up the body.

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