November 10, 2011

VW Dasher / Passat B1 Cutaway Drawing

In the U.S. we always think of the Golf as the first water-cooled Volkswagen, however, it was the Passat B1 or Dasher (as it was named for North America) the one to beat the Golf to market. Essentially a fastback version of the Audi 80, it was intended to replace the aging Volkswagen Type 3 and Type 4. It's origins date back to a late 1960's design study by Giorgetto Giugiaro named the EA272. Offered in two and four-dour configurations, it was designed as a family car with a spacious interior. It was initially offered with a trunk with later models including a more practical hatch back. A 74hp 1471cc EA827 engine with twin-barrel carburetor was initially offered in the U.S. market with a K-Jetronic fuel injected version offered a couple of years after it's introduction. Most important of it all, it was my first car. Good memories. Good times...

Cutaway drawing from Terry Davey is a classic piece but shows a right-hand drive car :-(

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