October 25, 2011

Engines - Volkswagen EA827

In the early 70's Volkswagen was working hard developing a replacement for the ubiquitous air-cooled flat four. The result was the EA827. Powering the Dasher, Golf, Scirocco, Audi 80 and many others, this engine became the workhorse that carried VW into the 1990's. One of special significance to me as it was also the first engine I did major work on. A carburated 1,471cc version in fact (as seen at the bottom of the post). Lot's of memories with good friends. Good times!

Valve train and pistons clearly visible in this cutaway display.

Good close up of K-Jetronic fuel injection system and intake manifold.

Oettinger head added a level of sophistication and plenty of power.

Example of early U.S. (1471cc) application with Solex carburetor offered in the 1974 Dasher/Audi 80.

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