October 15, 2011

LEGO 10220 - Volkswagen T1 Camper Van - Part 2

If your read Part 1 of this post and the post about my experiment with the transporter, you already know I got myself a Lego Volkswagen T1 Camper Van the other day. Well it took me three days to find enough time in the evenings to put it together but it is finally done.

I think it looks great. The amount of detail is just awesome. There were a couple of kinks along the way as I ended up modifying the section of roof over the cab to make it more sturdy as it seems there wasn't much support to keep it together when opening the Safari windows.

 Roof rack, pop-up top and Safari windows. It is all there.

 Floorpan includes the Checkered floor and engine bay.

Instruments, pedals, shifter and radio completes the cab.
Nice touch to include a nicely detailed engine compartment.
Flower Power era poster has the right message. Swiveling mirror provides access to closet

They thew in everything including the kitchen sink. :-)

 Poster with surfing-motif carries the designer's initials (below). Is that a medicinal plant on the right?

Shelves and drawers for all your storage needs. Curtains are nice touch.

The fabric pop-up top gives the model a very refined look.

 Folding table handy for those picnics on the beach.

A 60's van would not be complete without the quintessential Lava Lamp - Groovy!

Rear seat folds neatly into a bed for those times when you want to relax.

Well, that is it for this build. I hope you enjoy the photos. I certainly enjoyed putting it together!


  1. Thank you! Looks like you have a pretty interesting blog going on as well.

  2. Is that an actual Lego kit, or something you've created from random pieces?

  3. It is is an actual Lego kit - #10220