August 7, 2011

Spotted - Lamborghini LM002

What is more bizarre than coming across a Lamborghini LM002? Well, two of the 328 produced siting side by side in a parking lot. This unusual pair of exotic off-roaders showed up yesterday at Redmond Town Center. Originally conceived as a military vehicle in the late 70's, it never made it to that role but found a market with the rich folks in Saudi Arabia. Think about what it would cost to fill the 76 gallon fuel tank to take this hulk for a ride. Just what the doctor ordered for those sensible executives on the East Side.

The thing to travel around the Middle East in style.

I think I like the Red one better.

Changng one of these in the desert must be a piece of cake - right...

Pirelli Scorpion tires were originally commissioned specifically for the LM.

Would you be brave enough to venture away from civilization with all this complexity?

Looks a bit more mean in black. A .50 cal. in the back would complete the package.

Red interior goes well with the black exterior.

The left side of your engine is broken, Sir. Now that is specific!

Center console is a bit wide.

Suspension is definitively Heavy-duty.

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