August 11, 2012

Sonata Hybrid First Year Mileage Numbers

The first year of ownership of our Hyundai Sonata Hybrid has come and gone so what have we learned about this car's fuel economy in the past year?
  • It is definitively most efficient on the open highway. Mileage around town is not bad but gone down to the mid-30's in a hurry.
  • Winter time, with it's oxygenated fuels and daily use of the heater will affect the mileage considerably. Especially if you try to use the heater right away after a cold start which forces the engine to run for a long while to warm up the engine.
  • Our worst monthly average was about 35 MPG and our best was around 43 MPG. No real hypermiling here just adjusting habits to a more leisurly pace. The numbers come from a 70 miles round trip commute to work (5 days a week) and a 1500 miles road trip.
  • You do have to pay attention and change your driving habits to get decent numbers. A lesson you can take with you to any vehicle. 
  • Most importantly, retiring our 20 MPG car from the long commute has dropped our monthly appetite for more expensive Premium fuel by around half.

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