February 21, 2012

Cool Engines - Volvo B21

Definitively the cleanest Volvo B21 engine bay I have ever seen. I hope that next year we will get to see the rest of the car catch up to this level of quality.


  1. That was really clean! This engine looks like its from between'88a and '93. Might be a B230F. My '88 Volvo 240 with the B230F engine turned 400.000 Km last summer! As far as I know its only the fan- and camshafttimerbelts + alternator that has been replaced! I like that! :-) PS I keep mine clean too, but it doesent come close to this one. Nice picture!

    1. It really caught my attention. A really great thing to see one this clean. 400.000 Km, that is amazing! Thanks for sharing!