January 8, 2012

T Square 54 B-29A Superfortress

I have always had a soft spot for the B-29 Superfortress. Not only because it was a definitive leap forward in aircraft design but because of it's role in ending World War II. Back in the 90's when I first moved to the Puget Sound, I used to stop by the Museum of Flight to see T Square 54, the B-29A (s/n 44-69729) in their collection. This morning I found a photo of it in one of my old albums. Back in those days it sat proudly in front of the museum. It was later moved to a location away from public eyes for a much needed restoration. These days it sits "cocooned" right next to the museum. Let's hope the museum finds a suitable location to once again share this great artifact with younger generations.

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  1. This aircraft was initially restored at Lowry Air force Base Colorado. I remember the day in 1987 when they finally finished and rededicated it very clearly. They had a B-52 do a fly-by over my head at what “seemed” to be 50 feet above the ground.