November 22, 2011

Model Power Minis 1:87 Scale Volkswagen Samba

I was browsing the model train section of the local hobby shop when I stumbled upon this awesome Volswagen T1 Microbus. These are meant to complement HO scale railroad layouts but I am sure it will look just as cool in my desk. At 1:87 scale, these models are so tiny that it is hard to comprehend the dexterity needed to paint them. The amount of detail is great for such a small scale. I could not pass it up! It turns out that although the one I found is marketed under the Model Power Minis brand, these are primarily sold under the Schuco brand the world over under the Edition 1:87 collection. I got another one that is even more bizarre so stay tuned to see what it is...

Click on the images to enlarge

The real life version is a classic in it's own right.

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