October 20, 2011

1982 Twin-engine Scirocco

I remember reading about a cool twin-engined Volkswagen Jetta back in the early 80's. That was followed by a twin-engined Scirocco in 1982. This 360hp monster is the stuff that hard core VW fans can only dream about. Two 1.8 liter EA827 engines each one producing 180hp coupled to two 5 speed manual gearboxes made for a highly unusual approach to four-wheel drive. It also made for a direct competitor to Audi's quintessential quattro. With a zero to 60 mph in 4.1 sec it could embarrass major exotics of the day. Pirelli P7s (205/50VR15) on 7J x 15in Centra alloys helped put the power to the ground. A second and more developed prototype sporting Oettinger 16-valve heads and twin automatic transmissions was later constructed. Proof that sometimes two is better than one :-)

More about this cool ride at DriversFound.com
Ghostview diagram a great way to get an idea of what these cars were all about.

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