February 16, 2011

From My Attic - Team Matchbox K-7 Racing Car Transporter

Today's subject in this series is the Team Matchbox K-7 Race Car Transporter dating from around 1973. I am sorry to say that the transporter is not in as good a shape as my K-27 Camping Cruiser. This truck lived a hard life back in those days and it shows. Most of the Team Matchbox race cars, however, are in "almost new" condition and would look great as part of any decent Matchbox collection. The set included four cars, two No. 24 & two No. 34. Their condition however comes with a sad footnote. I loved the truck, however, I did not like the race cars that much. Only the red one is a bit worn having lost its engine years after I stop playing with them. It is ironic that the pristine toys some collectors seek today are the ones that never got much "love" from the children that they were meant for in the first place.

K-7 missing it's transparent canopy (see below) as it was called to haul large items most of the time. A bit worn but "loaded" with so many good memories. Love those gullwing doors. "Number 5" on the loading platform ready for transport.

The full set of race cars with the transporter.
"Number 8" siting in the transporter. Missing engine and worn decal more a sign of time than playtime.

An un-loved set in it's original box :-)

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