February 15, 2011

From My Attic - Corgi Juniors Ferrari Modulo

The Corgi Junior Ferrari 512S Modulo. No decals, more scratches than paint and a cracked windshield. Now this one definitively takes the trophy as my favorite toy of the early 70's and it shows... This one really saw some action. The real-life inspiration for this one is a beautiful rolling sculpture by Pininfarina that captured people's imagination back in 1970. A polarizing design. More spaceship than car, it remains one of the most interesting shapes ever to roll on four wheels. I also have a Polytoys M17 version in 1/43 scale that is in really bad shape. I am hoping that I will be able to restore that one later this year. You can learn more about this beautiful automobile at the Pininfarina web site (italian). There is also a short article in Wikipidia and plenty of images on the Web. There is also a good short article on it's design on the Car Body Design Web site.

Modeling clay (plasticine) still embedded in the wheels. This thing got morphed into a variety of "vehicles". if memory serves me well.

The real thing sitting in the Pininfarina museum. Still wondering how they turn the thing around??? (source)

Here is a great video of the car in motion.

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