February 18, 2011

From My Attic - Aero Mini DC 8-61

There is one keepsake in this series that holds a special place in my collection and that is my Aero Mini DC 8-61. One in a series of cool miniature planes sold during 60 - 70's (some history here). Made out of die cast Zinc, it includes all the necessary sharp edges to makes it an attractive toy for any kid of the era. Mine displays Eastern Airlines "jockey stick" livery. Eastern was the primary commercial carrier for many years where I grew up. It evokes those early days of the jet age and for me, my first trip on a plane. It is a great reminder of where my lifelong passion for travel got started.

Airliners are just an incredible piece of machinery. The sound of those turbines on take off is something that still gives me goose bumps to this day. Air travel is something that most of us take for granted. Airliners however, are probably the most complex piece of machinery we use on a "regular" basis. I still remember the excitement I felt as a kid when my parents took me to the airport to watch these big birds take off and land at our local airport. It is just too bad that traveling by air is such a pain these days.  :-(

Number 1 engine seems to be smoking a little - The product of using a match to simulate smoke
Crazy kids...

Jockey stick livery still ooks good after all these years.

Tail markings are still pretty legible.

"Japan" markings indicate it is from the original series produced in the 60's.

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