January 23, 2011

Scale Model "Engineering" - My AMT 1/25 Scale Scirocco

As a longtime VW fan, I have always appreciated the beauty of the MK1 Scirocco. Simple, practical and as fun as the Rabbit/Golf but with a bit more flair. Thirty years ago I asked myself what if it also came as a cabrio, and how about throwing in a turbo and four-wheel drive system like the one on the spectacular Ur-Quattro for good measure. Being a starving college student didn't leave much room in the "budget" to put a life-size one together and so I did the next best thing. I bought the 1/25 scale model from ATM and built one. A bit small but it fits well in my desk :-)

Originally I went with black with gold accents and a light tan interior reflecting the influence of the times. Somewhere along the way I repainted the interior a combination of black/red and the wheel centers went from gold to black. It is a bit rough but taking into account how it has followed me around for decades I think it is still holding up pretty well.

A color combo that scream 1980's

I think the lines remained well proportioned but there isn't much room for a top. The steering wheel, door handles, and name plate still show a hint of Gold paint. That is a piece of real wood (balsa) covering the back of the windshield surround.

Hard to see but there is a tiny turbo with all the major plumbing buried back there. No intercooler though. The battery seems to be the only item that  remained unpainted.

I think the four-wheel drive system needed a bit more engineering work ;-)

A photo of the original kit (source). Still wondering why it came molded in such a nasty color.

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