January 29, 2011

From The Attic - Matchbox No. 68 - Porsche 910

Haven't had much free time lately but I finally got a chance to photograph some of the old die cast toys that have followed me around for years. Here is one of the oldest "survivors", the Matchbox No. 68 - Porsche 910 circa 1970 - 71. The Carrera 10 was a short-lived line (15 cars) built by Porsche as an extension of the 906 line of race cars (source). There are much better examples out there but this one is special enough to enjoy a well-deserve retirement on prominent display in my "museum", I mean, garage ;-)

Update 07/09/11: Got to see a real 910 in action the other day. Photos here. 

A bit scuffed and missing it's number decal.

Love the exhausts... Probably it's best angle...

Bare metal base with markings.

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