July 22, 2011

My Garage - Passat W8 at 150,000 Miles

Well, the W8 finally made it to 150K miles and we celebrated with an oil/filter change.Why is it such a special milestone? Because with all the scary (read expensive) valve timing system failures reported in the user forums, there were times I thought it possibly could not make it this far! It hasn't been totally painless nor inexpensive but it certainly has been a lot of fun so far. However at the rate we pile up the miles, it is just a matter of time before something "important" breaks so I am officially demoting it from daily commuter to weekend plaything. Let's see how that goes...

UPDATE @ 07/27/11: I am detailing the car from the bottom up starting with the front suspension and sub-frame. Photos here...

That is a lot of zeros!

Day one at the dealership. Seems like yesterday. Those ContiTouring Contacts tires are long gone!

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