March 3, 2011

GM Futurliner Scale Model at the Museum of Bus Transportation

The Museum of Bus Transportation which is housed within the grounds of the AACA museum has a nice scale model of the GM Futurliner. These behemoths were an integral part of GM's Parade of Progress. An annual traveling exhibit "highlighting technological progress". Very few of these interesting vehicles remain. You can learn more about the restoration of one of these interesting vehicles at the Futurliner Restoration Project's website. If you take a close look you will notice the smaller version on the lower right as well as a model of the first generation version. You can also take a look at the other photos I captured during my visit to the museum on my previous post.


  1. Can I still a large scal model of the Futurkiner ??? I could 6 years ago for $1100.00.

    Thanks Dwayne

  2. I do not know if models of the Futureliner are available. It would be neat to have one.