December 22, 2010

From My Attic - The Stuff That Follows You Around

It is winter in the Northwest and with that comes the never ending days of cold rain. Yes, I know it is better than snow but I can honestly say that I no longer enjoy being outside in this weather. Not even to go down to the garage to work on the cars. So, I am taking the opportunity to roundup the toys that have been following me around since I was a kid and photographing them. Between Matchbox, Hot Wheels and a few other things there is more stuff floating around the house than I thought. It is the Pack Rat gene. Got to work on that! Some of them and still in good shape, others are pretty scuffed from years of hard play. Most importantly, all of them bring with them great memories of people and places that had an impact in my life. Looking at it from that perspective, it is good that they are still around. I will post them to the blog as time allows. Stay tuned...


You will find the others in the series @:

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